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Has your Dandridge home or business been experiencing an increased amount of bats flying around the property during the night hours? Have you been smelling an off-putting odor coming from your ceiling area? If you have been noticing these two situations, it is likely your property is experiencing a bat infestation. Though this project of getting rid of the bats in your property might seem like an easy process, this situation calls for just the right training and knowledge. At Alpha Wildlife Knoxville, we can provide you with the best bat removal services to effectively and humanely get rid of the bats you’re dealing with.

Though bats play a vital role in Dandrige’s environment by eating many mosquitos and various other small insects during the night, these creatures can wreak havoc if they enter your home or business. Because they leave behind guano (feces) a repulsive odor can develop along with harmful toxins being released into the air which cause histoplasmosis. These creatures can also carry diseases such as rabies, coronaviruses and many others. Because of the dangers associated with removing bats from your home, it’s best to hire the expert bat technicians at Alpha Wildlife Knoxville.

Our highly trained bat removal team will inspect where bats might be coming in from along with visually inspecting your attic area to get a better view of the pesky creatures. They will then implement bat exclusion methods to allow bats to leave your home, but prevent them from returning. Once all the bats have exited your home, our bat control technicians will repair any damages left behind by the bats. The team will also clean and disinfect the guano affected area so you will not have to worry about breathing in any harmful toxins.

If you’re looking for the premier bat removal company in Dandridge, then look no further. Call the bat control experts at Alpha Wildlife Knoxville today!


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