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Flying Squirrels in Your Attic or Chimney in Maryville TN?


Flying squirrel removal is one of our specialties, along with flying squirrel prevention and restoring your Maryville area home from flying squirrel damage. We offer competitive pricing and use humane methods. 

Why your attic or chimney? Perhaps they couldn’t find a tree nearby to nest. When flying squirrels can’t find a tree, they will seek out tree-like locations – like your attic. They are quick to find an entry on your home, and often they are seeking the warmth found in attics to give birth.They can chew electrical wires, create insulation damage, and contaminate your attic and home.

What should you do? We recommend that you act proactively and call a wildlife removal specialist to remove the flying  squirrels before it has babies or causes major damage. Professional wildlife trappers will inspect your home for entry points, set up traps, look for babies, clean and sanitize the area, seal the entry and discuss flying squirrel prevention in the Maryville area. Our team will recommend the best clean-up and restoration plan depending on the amount of droppings in your attic.


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Alpha Wildlife Removes:

  Flying squirrels in attic

  Flying squirrels in a chimney (with nests)

  And more…


Flying Squirrels Breed Once a Year 


Flying squirrels usually breed in the Spring and give birth to a liter 5 to 6 weeks later. This is when squirrels are most likely going to try and make their way into your home, but they do seek the warmth of attics when it's cold outside.

Flying Squirrel Damage Can Be Extensive

Unfortunately, if you have flying squirrels or trees near your Maryville area home, flying squirrels chewing on your home can be a problem. Flying squirrels don’t need much room to enter (only a hole the size of a quarter) and will chew almost anything they come in contact with. Flying squirrels may leave a lot of waste in your insulation that will need to be replaced.

Common Flying Squirrel Removal Tasks in Maryville, TN:


  • Home Inspections to Find Entry Hole(s)

  • Remove Babies by Hand 

  • Trap Adult Squirrels 

  • Seal Shut Entry Holes after Removal

  • Clean & Sanitize the Attic – Remove Feces & Nesting Material, then Sanitize

  • Remove Soiled Insulation & Replace With New Insulation\

If you hear scurrying or scratching in your attic, call a  Maryville / Alcoa area animal removal specialist as soon as possible. Our team is licensed and trained and will provide professional services with exemplary customer service.

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